Social Security Attorney

Social Security Disability Attorneys

Social Security Disability Attorneys provide valuable information and legal representation when you are applying for benefits in Tennessee.

Social Security Income (SSI) will pay benefits to adults and children who are disabled and have few resources and limited income. In addition, if you are blind, 65, or older, you may be eligible for monthly payments.

Even though the Social Security Administration manages the SSI program, the U.S. Treasury pays the benefits; benefits are not paid from the Social Security trust funds. The basic SSI amount is the same nationwide; however, many states will add money to your SSI benefit. If you are eligible for SSI, we can find out if Tennessee will add to your monthly payment, as well.


Your income from wages, investments and pensions play a huge factor in receiving benefits, after allowing for some money for your provisions. If you are married, your spouse’s income and resources are included and if you are under 18, your parent’s income will be included when deciding your eligibility.
For students, some of the income and scholarships you receive may not be a factor when filing for benefits. A blind person’s wages are not included, when part of that income is for work expenses. Other types of income may be exempt when you disclose your total income.


What do you own, real estate, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, cash? If your resources are less than $2,000 or less than $3,000 for a couple, you may be eligible to receive benefits. Resources that may be excluded when qualifying for benefits:

  • Your home and the land it is on
  • Life insurance policies with a value less than $1,500
  • Your vehicle (in most cases)
  • Burial plots for you or immediate family members
  • Specified amounts of burial funds are exempt for you and your spouse.

There are other cases where under certain circumstances you or a family member may be eligible, if you need the complete list of who may qualify for social security disability attorneys and live in Shelbyville, Manchester, Lewisburg, or the surrounding areas in Middle Tennessee.