Disability Attorneys

Disability Attorneys

Disability Attorneys will ensure that you have the proper medical and other documentation to apply for your benefits. If you feel that you, or a family member, qualify for one of these disabilities, contact us for a free initial consultation to begin the process by making sure that you have a valid claim.
Trisha Henegar, our Tennessee Social Security Attorney, will look over your documentation and discuss the process and what course of action will be in your best interest.

What types of disability qualify you to receive benefits in Tennessee?

Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities include physiological, functional and/or mobility impairments and can be fluctuating or intermittent, chronic, progressive or stable, visible or invisible.

Visual Disabilities

If you are “Legally Blind”, a person who has 10% or less of normal vision, you can apply for disability.A large number of people have a “Visual Impairment” while not being legally blind but depending on the severity may qualify for a percentage of benefits.

Hearing Disabilities

The Social Security Administration will determine whether you are disabled because of a hearing impairment, first they consider whether your impairment is severe enough that you are unable to work in order for you to receive benefits.

Mental Health Disabilities

If you are disabled by a mood or affective disorder, the SSA will determine whether the disorder is severe enough to meet the criteria for mental health disability compensation.

Intellectual Disabilities

These disabilities are characterized by intellectual development and capacity that is significantly below average and may involve a permanent limitation to a person’s ability to learn.

Learning Disabilities

A learning disability is essentially a specific and persistent disorder of a person’s central nervous system affecting the learning process. A common indicator of a learning disability is a discrepancy between the individual’s potential (aptitudes and intellectual capacity) and their actual level of achievement.

Disability Attorneys can help you:

  • Discover all options for recovering your disability benefits.
  • Gather the correct documents and evidence that will support your case in court.
  • Assist with the Social Security forms and documents and file the right application at the right time.
  • Provide legal representation at administrative hearings and help you to prepare for and testify at the hearings.
  • Appeal your case if needed, and follow through with the process until a final decision is determined.

Tennessee disability attorneys will go through the process of applying for Social Security disability or SSI benefits with you, fight for your right to compensation at the administrative hearing and follow through with an appeal if you are denied at anytime during the process.