Estate Planning

A Tennessee attorney can provide you with an estate planning checklist, which will give you peace of mind for you and your family's future.

When consulting with an attorney, you may discover there are several things to review before deciding how your assets are managed after you are gone.

You will want specific instructions for your attorney-in-fact or executor on how to access your wills, trusts, insurance policies, property deeds, stocks and bonds, bank accounts, funeral arrangements, and other estate plans you may need executed.

Estate Services

Additional services we provide are drafting your Will, Trusts, providing a Tennessee Power of Attorney form, or writing a Conservatorship (adult guardianship) for you or a family member.

Tennessee Probate attorneys make the estate planning and probate and administration decisions easier for you by providing guidelines to follow according to Tennessee law.

  • WILLS - a document in which a person specifies the method applied in the management and distribution of his estate after his death.

  • TRUSTS - a relationship created at the direction of an individual, in which one or more persons hold the individual's property subject to certain duties to use and protect it for the benefit of others.

  • CONSERVATORSHIP - appointed by a court to manage the property, daily affairs, and financial affairs of another person, usually one who is incompetent due to a physical or mental infirmity or age.
Contact Trisha Henegar at Wilson & Henegar Law Firm in Shelbyville, TN or make an appointment WITH one of our satellite offices in Middle Tennessee.

Look over our estate planning checklist so you will know the questions to ask Trisha, so she is able to provide fast, efficient service for your estate needs.

Estate Planning Checklist

  • Draft a will
  • Research a trust
  • Medical care directives
  • Name a financial power of attorney
  • Name your beneficiaries
  • Consider a life insurance policy
  • Provide for estate taxes
  • Cover funeral expenses
  • Decide final arrangements
  • Secure your documents
  • Protect your minor children and their inheritance
  • Protect your business and assets and/or partners